Nowadays many customers who purchase premium WordPress themes do so because of the incredible savings to be made compared to hiring freelancers. However many underestimate the difficulty of working with such complex products.

The majority of these customers choose to customize the themes themselves, relying heavily on patchy support from the original developer or vague info gleaned from search engines. Unfortunately without the necessary expertise, this can turn out to be a huge drain of time and energy, often negating the very reason for undertaking the work in the first place.

During the last 8 years of working with premium WordPress themes we have seen this play out time and time again. Thankfully with ThemeAftercare there is another way.

Whether you are starting from scratch, tweaking an existing WordPress site or exploring new horizons, ThemeAftercare’s friendly experienced developers will give your WordPress website the attention it needs without monopolising your time or resources.

Who we help


Got big plans for that new premium theme you’ve purchased, but prefer spending time designing rather then coding? No problem, we got your back. Our “Tweaker” package is ideal for this situation. We’ll help you get things looking just as you had imagined, in a fraction of the time, while you agonise at length over what fonts you’d like to use!


With a full inbox, multiple client projects to juggle and even the books to keep – the life of a freelancer can be exhausting. With hardly enough hours in the day to go around, why lose lots of time with endless iterative tweaks for that indecisive client? With our “Tweaker” package we take care of those for you, while you use your saved time to find new indecisive clients – Yay! Well look at the bright side – at least it’s always a feast and never a famine.

Small Businesses

Too small to warrant an in-house website team, yet saavy enough to know that a well maintained website is a vital driver of new business; Small businesses are a perfect partner for ThemeAftercare. We help keep their sites running smoothly and looking awesome. Using our “Tweaker” or “Administrator” packages, allows small businesses to remove the hidden costs and hassle of seeking professional help each time something needs to be tweaked or updated.


Busy getting a business off the ground while sustaining themselves on ramen noodles, we help these guys stay focused on big picture business stuff while we sweat the technical details. Partner with us on our “Tweaker” or “Administrator” packages and who knows, maybe enough time will be saved to fit in a real meal.

Single Tweak Service

Unsure about a subscription package? No problem, try us out on a single task. We’ll use our wealth of WordPress experience to exceed your expectations in the shortest time possible.

How it works

Whether you need a style tweak, a problem debugged, a plugin configured or a bump in page loading speed, our single task service is an excellent fit. We’re confident you’ll see the value ThemeAftercare can bring to your business.

To get started, submit a job using the button in this section. Make sure to include details like your website url, login information and a description of what you would like us to do. Once we get your request, we check that everything is in order and we’ll get to work. When the task is complete we’ll send you a summary of exactly what changes were made.

What sort of work can be done?

Here are some examples of things we can help you with:

  • Layout Changes
  • CSS Style changes
  • Minor Javascript tweaks
  • Fixing errors (Browser & Admin)
  • Installation issues (Theme & Plugins)
  • Assets replacements (fonts, icons, scripts)
  • Updates (Theme/Plugins)

The one-off fee for a single task is $75 USD.


Subscription Service

Plan on spending a little while getting your WordPress site customized and looking great? Our monthly subscription service is the perfect partner for you.

How it works

Using ThemeAftercare’s subscription service is like having your own WordPress developer to tweak, debug, secure and optimise your site, while you spend your time on other important aspects of your business. Our subscription packages allows you to take on new projects with confidence but without the hassle of hiring extra staff.

Customers on our subscription packages can simply send us tasks via email whenever they arise. We’ll go ahead and make the changes to your website and at the end of each week you’ll receive a summary of all work completed that week. It’s as simple as that.

What's included?

It’s package dependent, but basically we can complete tasks in any of the following areas:

  • Server & Hosting Setup
  • Instillation & Config.
  • Layout, Styles & Typography
  • Optimization & Security
  • Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Databases & Site Migrations

Package pricing starts from $199 USD per month. For a full breakdown on package contents, pricing and limitations, please visit the package details section below.


Subscription Packages

The Fresh Starter

$199     one-off fee

For those who need some help with the basics or who would simply like to outsource the one-off setup of their WordPress website to the experts. Wise move, it’s important to get things right from the very start.

  • Premium Theme Purchase*
  • Hosting Space Setup*
  • WordPress Instillation & config.
  • Installation & config. of theme & base plugins
  • Software updates (WP, Theme, Plugins)


*Purchase price of theme or hosting not included.

The Tweaker  Most Popular

$199/month    min 3 months

For those wishing to make small but frequent changes to their site. Either in response to a client’s instruction or because the latest conversion metrics require tweaks to the sales funnel. Whatever the situation, we’ve got you covered.

  • Layout tweaks
  • Style tweaks
  • Swapping assets (fonts, icons, images)
  • Page loading optimization
  • Errors & troubleshooting
  • SEO optimisations
  • Initial content insertion


The Tweaker package is based on 8hrs of work per month, which offers a 75% saving on freelance developer rates for equivalent work.

The Administrator

$399/month    min 3 months

This package is for people who would like help with both front and back end operations on their site. The foundation of a high functioning website starts right here – in the server room.

  • Managed Server
  • Managed Hosting
  • Migrations
  • CDN Creation
  • Backups & Security
  • WP Optimization
  • Anything from the Tweaker package


The Administrator package is based on 12hrs of work per month, which offers a 78% saving on freelance full stack developer rates for equivalent work.


What kind of things are not included in the monthly plans?

In general any kind of custom development of new features is not included in the packages.

How much work can I give you during my subscription?

Each of the packages have a default number of included work hours each month. Any work which does not fit into these hours will automatically roll over to the following month.

What happens if the included hours are not enough to complete my work?

If the requested work cannot be completed in the plan’s included hours for that month, the work will be completed in the following month, provided that month is also covered by an active subscription. If your work is urgent and cannot wait until the following month, we can adjust your plan’s pricing to include additional hours per month.

How does the subscription plan offers savings over freelance rates?

For example our Tweaker plan includes 8hrs of work per month for $199. Standard front-end freelance developer hourly rates are approx $100. Therefore if you hired a developer for 8hours of work, the total cost would be $800. This is 75% more expensive than our subscription plan.

What if I want a feature to be added to my WordPress Theme?

For custom one-off work such as this please contact us to request a custom quotation.

Contact Us

Who is the “The Fresh Starter” package for?

This package is used when someone doesn’t yet have a website, theme or hosting space and wants our help to acquire these items. This is a one time fee and is not a subscription based package.

Will you find me a premium theme?

Yes we can source you a premium theme. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll show you a couple of options which we think are suitable.

How does payment work?

When you select a package and a term, you will be sent an appropriate payment link via email. Your package will cease once the selected term has elapsed.

How long are your subscription periods?

The minimum term for the tweaker and administrator plans are 3 months. Once you signup for one of these packages your will be charged for the first 3 months, there after you will be charged monthly.


Whether you are about to start or already have a full WordPress website up and running, get in touch with us for a free no obligations consultation.

We’ll take a look at your current setup and make some recommendations on areas where improvements could be made. The earlier you contact us the better because its crucially important to get things right from the outset.

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